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Friday, 19 September 2008

KITTnapped - Knight Industries super car stolen!

This from the Movie Blog. Cheers to Matt for pointing it out.

Apparently on a publicity event almost a week ago in Toronto Canada, someone managed to steal the actual Modified Mustang that is used in the new NBC series Knight Rider.

RGBFilter says The car was making a stop in Toronto for a publicity stunt in front of Union Station on Front Street.

The car was being unloaded from its transport trailer for a crowd of onlookers. When its handler turned her back for a moment, a man darts from the median, jumps into the still-running ride, and peels off heading East on Front Street.

In the video, you see the security team member wheel the new KITT off the flatbed truck and then exit the car (still running) to return to the truck. With the door still open, some impulsive car thief ran out and hopped in the car and took off.

According to those in attendance, this was a legitimate theft, and not a publicity stunt. If it was then they hired nothing but actors for the security team and PR people because moments after the video, the shit hits the fan and everyone is clearly upset.

Its been almost a week and no one has exposed it as publicity, and its not said if it was recovered.

UPDATE: This from andPOP. Cheers to Chisholm for the heads up.

Now, the network behind the new show has revealed that the "theft" was actually part of a "unique viewer engagement promotion" giving fans a chance to win a new Ford Mustang."

On the final day of KITT's celebrity tour, crowds of Knight Rider enthusiasts were left stunned when a man ran out of the crowd, dove into KITT and screeched off," E! said in a statement Tuesday.

"Intense speculation spread across news outlets and viral communities promoted by links to YouTube with audience cell phone footage of the 'KITTnapping' action. And now E! is looking for help to find KITT."

The contest calls for participants to post where KITT has been spotted at eonline.com and watch E! for updated daily KITT sightings.

Fans have the chance to win a Mustang GT Coupe or a number of limited edition Mio Knight Rider GPS units.

So now we know!


Anonymous said...

That's got to be a promo

Anonymous said...

It was!