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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Russell Crowe to play the Sheriff and Robin Hood in Nottingham

Director Ridley Scott tells MTV that not only will Russell Crowe play The Sheriff in his upcoming revisionist take on the Robin Hood story, but the actor will be doing double duty as Robin Hood in Nottingham. In the actual script, Robin and the Sheriff are the same person.

Scott did say the roles would be "a a good old clever adjustment of characters. One becomes the other. It changes." When this news first hit back in July, it was discovered that this confusing plot twist was one of the areas of the script that really needed work. Thus, Scott halted pre-production on the film to give more time for the script to be developed into something that wasn't as confusing; or at least to take the time to work this characterization more intelligently into the story. Crowe mentioned to press this weekend that Nottingham is "one of those things where we're taking our time with. You don't want to be doing Robin Hood unless you're going to be doing it really f*cking well. It's got to be the best one ever done otherwise you should do something else."


Anonymous said...

he's got the accent for Robin Hood (or the sheriff), though he'll probably have to get a bit slimmer than what his recent role in Body of Lies