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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

UPDATED: Able - Another Zombie Apocalypse comes along - Trailer and Poster

UPDATED: Had a nice email from Will Stotler and have changed his credits to Co-creator/producer. Cheers for the mail Will and apologies for the mistake.

Here's what Will has to say on the movie: Able is an apocalyptic zombie film! In his own words: "I see ABLE as an existential tale with 'the zombie apocalypse' as a backdrop."

Director Marc Robert had this to say: "Part slasher film, part zombie movie, ABLE depicts those few maniac days between the onset of a viral epidemic and the dead rising from their graves. Everybody knows how the zombie apocalypse could go down, but what happens in that in-between time--after the infection, but before the hordes of undead set upon the survivors? The answer is pretty gruesome: in the in-between time, the survivors are the monsters."

Here's some more plot details: "Set the story in Berlin. Stay close to the characters and their sickness and show how that works in a realistic fashion--it's painful, debilitating, and it will end in death. The news on the radio is repeating, over and over in a loop. The certainty that even fresh bad news would bring is denied. Isolated, as paralysis sets in, it might be the end of the world but you can't be sure about that. All you know is that it's probably the end of your personal world. Compound your uncertainty with unfolding 'public horrors.' Your neighbor committing suicide while she can still move. A massacre in the name of religion or as a 'mercy killing.' The depravity of opportunists taking awful sexual advantage of your sudden immobility. Worries about your faith and how your actions will be accounted for on the other side--if there is an other side."

Source: Quiet Earth

Here's the trailer. What do you reckon to this? One to watch? Just another generic zombie apocalypse movie? Why are there so many zombie movies lately?



Anonymous said...

A zombie apocalypse film sans the zombies could be interesting. I will watch for this one. However the monsters are everywhere but humans are the true monster thing is getting a little tired as I think just about every film in the genre goes there at some point. As far as the zombie genre practically exploding right now I think it has a little bit to do with the very high profile bidding war for World War Z. The success of the 28 (days/weeks) films helped a bit in that as well (I dont consider them zombies either but it fits the genre). For whatever reason Im not complaining I love me some zombies :)

Live for films said...

Able does sound interesting, but I have to agree with you on the humans are the real monsters. We get it but let's see some monsters be monsters for monsters sake!!