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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bad Reviews

College: "The film hasn't been made so much as excreted. " -- Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE

Disaster Movie: "This carpet-fouling mongrel of a movie no more deserves release than do anthrax spores." -- Jim Ridley, LA WEEKLY

Babylon A.D.: "An abysmal French thriller in which everyone speaks as if they've learned their lines phonetically." -- Elizabeth WeitzmanNEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Righteous Kill: "A cop flick with all the drama of Law and Order: AARP." -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Space Chimps: "Sucks a whole lot of talented people into a wormhole of lousy." -- Michael Phillips, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "A continuation of Lucas' experiments to see how much shit his dwindling supporters will take before finally saying 'enough' and moving on to adult pursuits." -- Pete Vonder Haar, FILM THREAT

Source: Defective Yeti


Anonymous said...

Clone Wars review - Classic!

I wonder one day if millions of Nerd voices will suddenly cry out in terror and then be suddenly silenced. Then leave the house and enjoy life!

Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly.

I'm not arsed whether I never see any of the classic movies ever again.

Anonymous said...

WHoaaaaa!! statement!

Anonymous said...

You reckon thats a rash statement?
You think 10 to 15 viewings of each individual movie isn't enough for one lifetime?
Do you still have a Boba Fett duvet?
You are really still under Lucas' mind comtrol.

Anonymous said...

didnt say Rash
you have rash on the mind
rash on the knob
your under the rash control!

...if a movie is good watch it as many times as you like! hence my two sins Raiders and Empire the rest can suck my ballz!

Anonymous said...

acknowledged, LOL.

I've watched Men In Black as any times as I've watched Jedi, LOL. ...and Silence Of the Lambs

Anonymous said...

ahh two great movies.. watched them both loads... would like them to do a serious story on Men in black...and also a Mib3 for the fun shizzzle!

Anonymous said...

"mmmusssst watch Clllooonnnee Waaarrrsss....Lucas is our Saviour!"

Anonymous said...

LOL... exactly.

Who cares about Clone Wars. We know what happens. You know it wont be as good as the unwritten version in your head.

In novel writing what is left for the reader to imagine for themselves is always more powerful than a painstaking description byt the auther. Works the same in films, especially horror. The goriest/most scary moments are the things you don't quite see but think you did. The monsters that stay in the shadows are scarier than the Monsters that are emblazoned across the trailers and the hype posters. Lucas has failed to grasp this and is trying to explain EVERYTHING ad nausem. He's suffering from Matrix-trilogy condition.