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Friday, 26 September 2008

Best fight scene ever - Zombie vs Shark

Earlier today we reported on George A Romero's next movie being set on an island with Zombies in the water. To honour that here is the classic zombie vs shark scene from Lucio Fulci's film Zombi 2. That stuntman had balls!!


Paul said...

quality! i'm ashamed to say i haven't seen that before, but it was boss. now versus Jaws would be a different matter......well Jaws2, which we all know was the hardest shark ever

Anonymous said...

Ahhh nothing like a little Fulci to go with lunch. Hands down one of the greatest scenes of the genre.

Live for films said...

It is a great scene.

Mark Hodgson said...

OK guys, let's rip off Night of the Living Dead, Jaws, and her bikini top...