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Friday, 26 September 2008

Dead Island Teaser Trailer - Video Game



Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to this? Is it still in development? Left 4 Dead looks incredible but I gotta wait for the 360 port. With the required specs I have seen for L4D Im thinking my pc would just blow up if I tried to play it on here.

Live for films said...

I'd forgotten about Left 4 Dead. Read about it a while ago. I was disappointed with Dead Rising (looked great but a pain to play)

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more with Dead Rising. I have started and stopped that game like 50 times and it always seems like Im missing something as I get bored and just let it go. Only issue im having with L4D is Im somewhat anti-social and so the multiplayer thing is not looking too wonderfull to me. I just know the first game I get into will be with some of the classy 14 year olds from x-box live and I can only be called noob and faggot so many times before the game will lose its appeal.