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Saturday, 27 September 2008

UPDATED: Megan Fox to play Marine Biologist in Michael Turner's Fathom..Maybe.

The Daily Star are reporting that Megan Fox is to star in a new movie based on the comic book Fathom by Michael Turner. Fathom tells the story of Aspen Matthews, a marine biologist who discovers she was from a race of aquatic humanoids called the Blue who have the ability to control water.

The Star says that the actress will play the role of Aspen, a mermaid rescued from the sea as a child. Now the Daily Star is not the most relieable of sources so don't be surprised if it turns out to not be true. Plus Fathom was given the green light in 2002 as a feature film by director James Cameron and his production company Lightstorm Entertainment, but nothing ever developed.

"Several writers have been brought aboard to revamp the script as a vehicle for Megan, who officially signed on for the project this week." An insider said.

Turner died June 27, 2008 at the Santa Monica Hospital in California, of complications from bone cancer. He is survived by his mother Grace Crick, his brother Jake Turner, and his fiancee Kelly Carmichael. Fathom (Vol. 3) #1, which was published on Wednesday, August 6, 2008, featured a tribute to Turner in the form of a stylized blue ribbon in the upper right hand corner of its cover, and its first page was a memorial to him, including a photograph of him at his drawing board.
UPDATE: Looks like there is something to this after all. Here is a photo of Aspen editor-in-chief Vince Hernandez, in the Aspen offices, in the arms of Megan Fox. Thanks to Lying in the Gutters for that.
Source: The Hollywood News



Anonymous said...

I also heard rumors of she being the mermaid. :p

Anonymous said...

Well she has the fun bags for the part!

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