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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Polytechnique - Poster

A dramatization of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 where several female engineering students were murdered by an unstable misogynist.

The École Polytechnique Massacre, also known as the Montreal Massacre, occurred on December 6, 1989 at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Twenty-five year-old Marc Lépine, armed with a legally obtained semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife, shot twenty-eight people, killing fourteen and injuring the other fourteen before killing himself. He began his attack by entering a classroom at the university, where he separated the male and female students. After claiming that he was "fighting feminism", he shot all nine women in the room, killing six. He then moved through corridors, the cafeteria, and another classroom, specifically targeting women to shoot. He killed fourteen women and injured four men and ten women in just under twenty minutes before turning the gun on himself.

Directed by Denis Villeneuve

The song in the trailer is Everloving by Moby (album: 'Play')
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The Objective - Special Op guys find Evil in the desert

The Objective is a supernatural thriller from Daniel Myrick, award winning co-director of the cult classic The Blair Witch Project. In The Objective, a team of US Special Ops forces is dispatched with the ostensible orders of locating an influential Muslim cleric. Instead, they find themselves lost in a Middle Eastern 'Bermuda Triangle' of ancient evil, faced with an enemy that they could never have imagined. Apparantly, it premiered at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival to critical acclaim.

Official Site.

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Cold Souls - Paul Giamatti has his soul extracted. ...with hilarious consequences!

The Samuel Goldwyn Company has acquired the US distribution rights to Cold Souls. The film is written and directed by Sophie Barthes and stars Paul Giamatti as himself.
In the film, Giamatti plays an actor that during an existential crisis decides to explore "soul extraction" as a relief from the burdens of daily life.
Sundance programmer Caroline Libresco says of Cold Souls: "Sophie Barthes’s debut feature is strikingly original, not only for its haunting concept but for its poetic execution. Inspired production design and lyrical cinematography create a melancholic, heightened world. Perfectly cast, Giamatti and a gifted ensemble maneuver seamlessly through shifting ontological landscapes without ever betraying the surrealism. With this dazzling accomplishment, Barthes establishes herself as an auteur to reckon with."

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GI Joe - Superbowl Trailer

Paramount Pictures premiered a 10 second preview of the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Super Bowl commercial during Friday’s Entertainment Tonight.

What do you reckon? Looks better than I thought it would
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Transmission - What happens when the screens stop?

The story is a tragicomic, absurd film set in a world where all the screens and means of telecommunication have inexplicably stopped working. Accustomed to spending hours in front of their screens, the characters suffer withdrawal symptoms.

When the pictures were gone, life stopped. A few people stayed in the city. Three brothers try to stay alive.
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Terminator Salvation concept art and McG speaks about the film

McG has been chatting to Wired magazing (who also posted these lovely pieces of concept art).

Getting the Robots Right: "The first film shows Schwarzenegger's T-800 coming from 2029 back in time," McG said. "Salvation takes place in 2018, so you see the R&D that went into the T-800. It's like the polio vaccine: You've got to go through a lot of lab rats to get to vaccine. In this film, humans are the lab rats. Skynet is testing on us to figure out how to make a photorealistic, leaner, smaller, more capable machine -- the T-800."
Post-Apocalyptic Cinematography: "We talked to the people who monitored Chernobyl about what the world would sound and look and taste and feel like after the bombs have gone off," said McG. "Then we got a dead Kodak stock. We baked it in the sun a little bit too long to damage the film, and then we shot on uncorrected Panavision lenses that flare more easily and aren't quite as sharp as Primo lenses but have an interesting patina. Most importantly we added three times as much silver in the processing than one traditionally would to a color stock. Add it all up and you get this otherworldly, desolate feeling."
Calming James Cameron's Skepticism: "I didn't want to feel like the guy who gave birth to the Terminator is against what we're doing, so I go to see James Cameron to kiss the ring and tell him what I was trying to do," McG said. "He's cordial but says, 'I'm not going to endorse your movie. I reserve the right to hate it. But I wish you well, and if you're going to make a Terminator I'd prefer you make a good one to a bad one.'"

The Quest for Credibility: "To get some credibility back into the Terminator mythology, we had to show the fans we really mean business by getting a great John Connor," McG said. "To me the choice was very simple: Christian Bale."

Bale Just Says No: "I met Bale at a pub in England while he was shooting Dark Knight," McG said. "He said, "I'm not interested in action, I'm not interested in pyrotechnics, I'm interested in story. If you can get the script to a place where actors on stage could just read it, naked, and it would be compelling for two hours because the characters change and evolve, then we'd have something to talk about." We had a respectful conversation, I gave him Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? to read but his answer was: "Until it's on the page, I'm not doing it."

Connor's Story: "John Connor doesn't come into the picture saying, 'Follow me and everything's going to be cool,'" said McG. "He's just one of many soldiers when we meet him. It's like [Spider-Man] where you're Peter Parker: 'Hey I'm just a lowly high school photographer,' and he learns with great power comes great responsibility. Or the hacker [in The Matrix]: 'They call me Neo, who cares?' 'quot;No man, you're the one, you're going to lead us!' Of course Luke Skywalker, on and on, all those Joseph Campbell archetypes. So this is the story of how John Connor becomes leader of the resistance. He has to earn it."

Machine Music: "I wanted the sound of the resistance to be very delicate, reminiscent of Gustavo Santaolalla's analog guitar, so I thought of putting Gustavo together with Thom Yorke of Radiohead for the machine sound," said McG. "But their schedules were too tough, so then Danny Elfman articulated his sonic vision for the picture. He's a huge Terminator fan. I wish I could show you his house. Elfman lives in a haunted house that has strange prosthetic limbs from the turn of the century hanging on the wall."
Flesh-and-Blood Robots: "A lot of people make CG movies where actors are emoting to poles with tennis balls on top of them," said McG. "That's the last thing I wanted to do. I don't like dealing with cartoons, so to speak. I wanted real robots for the actors to interface with so you could get that grittiness and realism. There's an archetype shape to the T-800. We needed body types to suggest the robot that would combat John Connor, and Roland Kickinger is a good body type. His shoulders are huge, his waist is narrow. The [Industrial Light & Magic] guys used their calipers to measure shoulder spatial differences and said he'd make a good body double. Roland as an individual is not in the movie."

The Third Act: "Is Skynet smart enough to use the best parts of ourselves against ourselves? Can we trust the machine?" Mc G asked. "Therein lies the rub and that's what act three is all about. The ending of this film is elliptical. It's going to make a lot of people mad and you'll see lot of people scratching their heads. It's not disposable, where you forget about it before you even get to the parking lot. It's going to make you think."
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Crossing Over - Poster for Harrison Ford film

Bad, bad photoshopping to stick the four faces together on the top of the poster and what's with Jim's stubble? Like on of those iron filing magnet game things. Finally I think Harrison Ford has just smelt something bad.

Crossing Over is written and directed by South African filmmaker Wayne Kramer (The Cooler, Running Scared). The film also stars Sean Penn, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Alice Eve, Alice Braga, and Jim Sturgess.

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Mickey Rourke to go gangster in Broken Horses

Mickey Rourke is set for an Indian filmmaker's Hollywood debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mickey Rourke will star in Broken Horses, the Hollywood debut for Indian filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

Plot details haven't been revealed as of yet, but the film is said to be a gangster caper. Chopra will direct from a screenplay by Abijhat Joshi and script consultant Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous), based off an idea from Chopra.

The film is set to shoot in New Mexico and New York, although a production start-date has not yet been revealed.

Source: Movieweb

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The Hunt for Gollum - Full trailer for fan film

I really like the look of this.

Aragorn sets out to hunt for Gollum in this independent Lord of the Rings tribute film. The creature must be found not only to discover the truth about the Ring, but to protect the Ringbearer himself from the dark lord of Mordor...

The Hunt For Gollum is an unofficial not for profit short film by a group of enthusiast filmmakers. As a Lord of the Rings Fan Film, it is not affiliated with the Tolkien Estate or New
Line Cinema and is being produced for noncommercial use and viewing over the web.

Official Movie Website

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Friday, 30 January 2009

Jason Statham Superbowl car advert is very Transporterish

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Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter - Details of the DVD and screen shots

Warner Bros have now announced the release of Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Tales of the Black Freighter was the comic book within the Watchmen comic. All very meta plus it was very dark and twisted - lots of dead bodies, insanity, sharks and nastiness. The reasoning behind having a pirate comic in the Watchmen Universe was simply because in a world of superheroes why have superhero comics?

The image below shows what's one the disc along with some screenshots. Looks very, very nice and Gerard Butler has provided his voice.
“Theyre in the book. And on this disc. From the director of Watchmen and 300 come two tales from the celebrated graphic novel that do not appear in the extraordinary Watchmen Theatrical Feature. Tales of the Black Freighter (featuring the voice of 300s Gerard Butler) brings to strikingly animated life the novels richly layered story-within-a-story, a daring pirate saga whose turbulent events may mirror those in the Watchmens world. Stars from the Watchmen movie team in the amazing live-action/CGI Under the Hood, based on Nite Owls powerful first-hand account of how the hooded adventurers came into existence. Two fan-essential stories. One place to watch the excitement. Watching the Watchmen begins here.”

Also on the DVD/Blu-ray is Hollis Mason’s tell-all live-action expose on the MAsked Men of Watchmen titled Under The Hood, a featurette titled “Story Within A Story: The Books of The Watchmen” which takes a look at the comic book within the comic book, and a first Look at DC’s Animated Green Lantern DVD. The Blu-ray release features additional content including a featurette called “The WHY of Watchmen” featuring director Zack Snyder and The Two Bernies, a deleted scene from Watchmen which was not included in the theatrical cut of the film, and a digital copy of the film.

Personally I'll probably hold out for the all singing all dancing Watchmen DVD which will no doubt show up with the Black Freighter tale mixed in with the full film.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine teaser poster

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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Joker's Trap

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Rick Astley never did give up. He's writing a movie

Rick Astley is writing a musical and he has told The Times all about it as well as what he thinks of the whole Rick-rolling phenomenon. Including the whole V for Vendetta thing at the Church of Scientology HQ.

“My wife’s now a movie producer so I read a lot of scripts and I’m really passionate about films,” he says. “One day I thought, ‘Well, why don’t I write one?’ And it turned into a musical — but not for the stage. It’s dominated by the songs I’ve written — they tell the stories — so I hooked up with a guy in California and we wrote the script together. We’re at the point of speaking to a few different agents and getting people to read. I’m not fooling myself — nothing may come of it and I totally understand that, but as a process I have loved it. When you’re writing frothy pop songs the lyrics can be a bit ‘whatever’, they are hooky and you just sing them because they work. But writing these songs . . .” He falters. “Do they call that a libretto?”

The synth sounds of the Gary Numan world will figure highly, because it’s set, “would you believe, in the 1980s! The working title is New York Cowboy because it’s about a young guy who sets off from a small town — not Newton-le-Willows [Astley’s home town], ha-ha — to go to New York.”

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The Thing from Another World - Cool scene and soundtrack

I love this scene: the discovery and "explosive digging" of the flying saucer in Christian Nyby's The Thing from Another World (1951). Produced by Howard Hawks.

"this scene is presented with the entire isolated music soundtrack by Dimitri Tiomkin, one of the eeriest and strangest soundtracks ever created for a sci-fi movie. With lots of theremin, the music suits perfectly the outer-worldly icy scenes in the film, and it creates a living, breathing atmosphere of unease."

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Clint is cool

Clint Eastwood didn't arrive at this evening's tribute event with any pomp or airs. A friend simply drove him up and dropped him off a block south of Santa Barbara's Arlington theatre. Clint walked up the sidewalk and into a cluster of fans waiting behind metal barriers. Realizing he'd boxed himself in, he climbed over the temporary fence (with the help of said fans) to cheers and guffaws. This just happened about 25 minutes ago. I hope someone took a shot.

From Hollywood Elsewhere

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Downloading Nancy - Trailer starring Rufus Sewell, Maria Bello and Jason Patric

When Albert Stockwell (Rufus Sewell, Dark City, Illuminata) comes home from work one day he finds a note from his wife of 15 years, Nancy (Maria Bello, A History of Violence, Thank You for Smoking), saying she has gone to see friends. After waiting several days, Albert realizes that his wife is missing. Nancy has met her salvation on the Internet in the form of Louis Farley (Jason Patric, The Lost Boys, Rush). Nancy and Louis, both wounded souls, take comfort in one another through e-mail, pictures, and promises of perverse sexual encounters. Nancy has finally found the one and only thing that can liberate her from the pain in her life. While she pursues the freedom that she feels will only come with ultimate liberation, Albert is left to put the pieces together and try to salvage what is left.
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The Twins in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

The Official Transformers Game website has revealed the robot modes of the twoAutobot Twins. Apparantly they act like brothers and can join together to form a big robot dude. Who knew?

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Public Enemies - Fan trailer for Depp and Bale gangster film

You would think the Super Bowl would be the ideal time to debut the trailer for Johnny Depp and Christian Bale's upcoming Michael Mann John Dillinger film "Public Enemies," filmed in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately there is no indication that this is the case.

Several fan trailers are posted on YouTube, combining still photos and video footage captured while the film was on location in Madison, Oshkosh and Columbus, and with vintage gangster movie footage added.

Thanks to Pamela for sending me the link.

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I Love You, Man - Poster

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - German Poster

Comic Book Creators what were you thinking?

Thanks to Paul for sending me them. I actually have the Captain America comic with the unfortunate sound effect.

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The Random - Hyperion, Iron Man 2, Gulliver's Travels, Cloud Atlas, Rambo V, Resident Evil, The Flash

Scott Derrickson (The Day The Earth Stood Still) to direct Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos. Beware the Shrike!

Variety is reporting that Emily Blunt and Jason Segel are both in negotiations to join 20th Century Fox's Gulliver's Travels comedy that will star Jack Black. Emily Blunt was rumored to appear as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 - apparently not anymore. "Fox holds an option on the actress that was part of her deal when she co-starred in The Devil Wears Prada, and the studio may invoke it to see that she takes part in the giant tale."

Tom Tykwer said "I'm trying to adapt a novel called Cloud Atlas, which is a novel by David Mitchell that I'm really completely excited about. And I'm sitting down with the Wachowski Brothers and trying to adapt that for a screenplay. It's very interesting." More here.

ExtraTV have the news on Rambo V. Stallone says "Yeah, we are doing another Rambo, but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country…"

The next Resident Evil film will be set in Alaska. JoBlo reports that Patrick Tatopoulos in charge of the creature effects. Michael Lantieri has also been hired as the special effects supervisor, and the report regarding the script is that the location is to be Alaska and it's a lot darker than the previous films.

IESB is claiming that they know for certain that screenwriter Dan Mazeau is currently working on a Flash script for Warner Brothers.

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Oscars Pool - Make your prediction

I've set up an Oscars pool page (courtesy of Defective Yeti). So head on over and make your predictions as to who will win at this years Oscars. At stake is your pride!

Have fun.

Live for Films Oscar Pool

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Before Tomorrow - Poster

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The Tick - Patrick Warburton talks about his time in the suit

Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Dish, Family Guy) is interviewed over on CBR about his time as the big blue Tick. A great interview and The Tick TV show was brilliant. Batmanuel was hilarious. Try and have a look at the full series if you get the chance. Such a shame it got cancelled.
It wasn’t always pleasant, spending 12 hours in a suit like that, not at all. I had to get clever in trying to maintain my sanity at times. I wasn’t going to complain – if that was the cross I had to bear to get to be The Tick, then so be it.

Like CBR I do thing he would make a great Captain Marvel.

Check out the clip below where The Tick goes up against Mr Peacock (Dave Foley)

Cool Bill Murray Poster

Excellent piece of artwork to hang on your wall of the brilliant Bill Murray over at Nakatomi
Bill Murray will charm your face off...six times in a row!

Designed by Tim Doyle, this art print is a four color silkscreen, limited
to an edition of 50, with only 40 being available to the public. Measures 6"
tall by 36" wide. Poster is signed and numbered by the artist.

Bring some smirk into your life, and Murray home into your heart.

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Watchmen - Cool new photos

Total Film debuted these six new Watchmen images. Pretty cool stuff as they are not the usual things we have seen so far. Nite Owl in his snow get up, behind the scenes for a Dr Manhatten shot, some Nazi villians and the great Rorschach comic / real comparison shot above.

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Race to Witch Mountain - Superbowl TV spot

GI Joe - Zartan, Breaker, Cobra Commander - Looks pretty bad

/film had the pic and like them I feel the characters look pretty poor. Apparantly it is the real deal for the film.

Left to right - Saïd Taghmaoui as Joe communications specialist Breaker, the Cobra Viper (a ground soldier), third up is Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick, 3rd Rock from the Sun) as The Doctor (aka Cobra Commander), and fourth is Arnold Vosloo who plays Zartan, a master of disguise.
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Echelon Conspiracy - Bigger synopsis, another trailer

Another trailer for this conspiracy film. Will it have the same reaction as the first one (check out the comments)?

A young engineer, Max Peterson (Shane West) flies to Bangkok for an ordinary security installation job for a high-end client. When he arrives back at his hotel after a stunning demonstration of his technical skills, an unexpected DHL package awaits him on the concierge desk. Max has received a state of the art cellular phone. Later, in his hotel room, he receives an SMS message on the new phone, advising him to take advantage of a hotel special, and stay another day in Bangkok. After a short deliberation he decides to delay his flight home to the US, and stay one more day. The following morning Max awakes to find the flight he canceled horrifically exploded in mid-air, killing all passengers aboard. He continues to receive messages on the mysterious phone from an unknown source.

Now believing that the SMS message saved his life, Max follows the advice from another text message, and changes his plans to fly directly to the US, instead flying to Prague first. The cabbie who brings Max from the Prague airport to his hotel reveals himself to be a Russian hacker and technological maestro named Yuri (Sergey Gubanov). After receiving another text message, Max wins a huge amount of money at the local casino. Now that he is red hot at the casino with the help of his cell phone, Max alarms the casino’s chief of security, American expat John Reed (Edward Burns, Saving Private Ryan). Reed starts an investigation by sending an assistant, the very sexy young woman Kamila (Tamara Feldman), to seduce Max into revealing his secret. Simultaneously, Max is ordered by the management not to use his cell phone in the casino. To overcome security, Max asks Yuri to fix his phone so he can retrieve the messages secretly. Yuri supplies Max with an earpiece that allows Max to hear incoming messages. Shortly afterward, Max wins a huge jackpot thanks to an SMS message.

After Max’s big win, Reed decides to end his winning streak, but his former colleague, FBI Special Agent Grant (Ving Rhames), is now pursing the matter. Grant informs Reed that the FBI has created a special task force, with himself at the lead, and that mysterious text messages have been sent with different kinds of instructions and advice to many different people in the United States. He explains that it appears in the form of a text message on mobile phones and pagers, or emails on computers. The advice given abruptly changes the lives of the people who follow it. The people have not been linked together by any means, and they range from simple salesclerks to high-ranking government officials. The only thing in common is that they all grow rich and die soon after. Grant’s supervisor, NSA Director Raymond Burke (Martin Sheen), monitors the situation with Max but keeps his true motivation secret.

FBI agents apprehend Max. Under pressure, Max agrees to cooperate in the investigation. The FBI and the NSA finally locate the source of the mysterious messages. They are being sent from inside the US, via the Echelon system. Someone is using this extremely important system for unknown and dangerous purposes.

Some real facts: In 1987 the US government established a highly sophisticated computer system called “Echelon.” It was originally designed as a communication infiltration system during the Cold War. In the late nineties it was used to help fight organized crime. In 2001, the Bush Administration injected billions more dollars into Echelon to turn it into a highly effective anti-terrorism tool. Echelon intercepts every phone call, text-message and email; traces television and radio broadcasts; and picks up conversations through window glass vibration as well as bugged public centers. Thousands of sub-computer stations around the world feed its giant central mother core. Echelon’s unique feature is that it is completely automated, self-contained and independent. The system traces, intercepts and analyzes key words and phrases, and when necessary it informs a very small circle of individuals. The Echelon system is directly under the control of the NSA.

NSA Director Burke orders his agents neutralize Max, thereby assuring the Echelon routine remains Top Secret. Max, however, survives their attack. Accompanied by Reed, Max goes to Moscow with the aide of Mr. Mueller (Jonathan Pryce, Pirates of the Caribbean), the owner of the Prague casino. The super-rich Mueller wants to shut down the cell-phone messages and prevent the ruin of his casinos worldwide. In Moscow, Max once again receives assistance from the Russian hacker. Yuri investigates all of the previous events that have occurred between Echelon and Max, then explains the anomalies are the results of a very strong and logical computer algorithm. Yuri’s discovery: Echelon behaves as though it is intelligent, as if it were self-aware, a person. A person protecting himself. Upon discovering this information, Burke tries to exploit the situation by expanding Echelon’s reach as a lawless surveillance tool.

Finally, after a number of unexpected and dramatic turns, Max, Reed and Grant resolve the logical problem at the heart of Echelon’s mischief, a remote bunker in the American Midwest. While Max tries to outsmart the super-computer, Reed and Grant hold off a squad of government agents who follow Burke’s orders by attempting to penetrate the facility and stop Max.

Batman plays ‘Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe’ Video

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B.P.R.D Hellboy Futurama Mash-up

While looking for a pic for the previous post I came across this cool image by Marr Groening

Hellboy 3 and B.P.R.D. news

Guillermo del Toro has been speaking to MTV about Hellboy 3.

“We’re three, four years away from anything happening—so I don’t think anyone is, you know, in a big hurry,”
Del Toro has given his blessing for another director to take the director’s chair for a potential B.P.R.D. spinoff while he is occupied with The Hobbit.
B.P.R.D. follows the rest of the team (Johann, Abe etc) and they are a great read and would make an even better film.
Who could direct a B.P.R.D. spin-off? What characters should be in it?

Bio-Dead - Welcome to the Zone

Welcome to “The Zone”. A 4,061 square mile contaminated wasteland. Tomb for twelve million infected corpses. And home to an evil the likes of which mankind has never encountered.

While searching for disaster survivors, a hazmat team discovers a mysterious building located deep within “The Zone”. At first the enormous structure appears to be uninhabited… but soon the rescue workers realize that they are not alone. As the team members begin to experience terrifying hallucinations, a vicious predator stalks the men through the maze-like halls.

Trapped inside the compound with no escape, the team is forced to fight for their lives against the ghoulish attacker… and each other.

Check out the official website

Bio-Dead from AO on Vimeo.
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Dismal - Trailer for swamp cannibal mayhem!

What does a girl have to do to pass science class? Stay alive!

Dana can't afford to fail, so she goes on a field trip with other college students to the Great Dismal Swamp. While Dana and her tasty friends are looking for extra credit, terrifying swamp cannibals are looking for dinner. East or be eaten!

Horror is served hot and steamy with a heaping helping of gore and a side order of sick in Dismal from Fearmakers Studios. This feature length project is sure to delight horror fans and is destined to become an instant classic.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

By the power of Grayskull, He-Man may be getting one step closer to the big screen

Collider mention that Variety is now reporting that the next "He-Man" feature is closer to becoming a reality as Joel Silver has signed "Kung Fu Panda" co-director John Stevenson to helm the project. Warner Brothers, who have held the "He Man" film rights since 2007, will distribute the movie with Silver Pictures listed as a producer and Mattel's Barry Waldo as executive producer.

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Kill Bill - The amazing artwork of Justin Reed

Check out the cool Kill Bill painting. It's by Justin Reed and he's got lots more amazing pics on his website - Love Actually, There Will be Blood, loads of action heroes, Edward Scissorhands, Rear Window (my fave) and many many more. He also does commissions. Let me know if you buy one.

Thanks to Pat for sending me the link.

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