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Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Seamstress from Shane Acker's 9

9 follows a little sewn-up ragdoll hero, created by one of the last remaining humans on Earth, as he is tasked with preserving life on the planet. His only help: the other tiny rag-doll creations. Together they journey over the deserted planet, trying to figure out what that caused all the creepy machines (like the Seamstress) to turn on their human masters.

This Seamstress figure is definitely the stuff of nightmares and this animated feature is shaping up to be something rather good.

[Director Shane Acker] was inspired by the mythological Medusa in his creation of this serpentine hunter. Fashioned with a doll's head, grasping prehensile arms, an intricate thread-spool mechanism, and hypnotic eyes, the Seamstress lures her prey out of hiding and stuns them into submission before sewing them up within herself.

As for 9 (voiced by Elijah Wood) he is described as "Made out of burlap, with detailed copper hands and feet, 9 is the most physically refined, emotionally attuned of the 9 stitch-punk beings – the closest to perfection. His curious, proactive nature causes him to oppose 1’s strategy of hiding, opting instead for action and setting the stage for conflict over leadership of the group."

The film is due out on 9th September, 2009 which is of course 09/09/09 on whichever side of the Atlantic you happen to be on.

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