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Friday, 19 June 2009

Best Worst Movie - Trailer for Troll 2 documentary

When 11-year-old Michael Stephenson and dentist George Hardy were cast in Troll 2, they were surely destined for stardom. Unfortunately, combining low-budget production with an amateur cast, an Italian director no one could understand, and a script about vegetarian goblins resulted in a train wreck of a film that became widely regarded as the "worst movie ever." Twenty years later, thanks to a new generation of viewers who value a "so bad it's good" aesthetic, Troll 2 has become a cult phenomenon. In Best Worst Movie, Stephenson follows Hardy and the rest of the cast as they reunite to greet adoring fans at Troll 2 screenings in major cities across North America. Can Hardy return to dentistry after signing autographs in packed movie houses and receiving hundreds of hits a day on MySpace? Discover the heart and soul behind one of the most beloved straight-to-video flops ever.

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