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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Mensch - Safecracking noir trailer

Sam Hazak belongs to a family of Jewish shopkeepers in the Faubourg Montmartre area of Paris. Refusing to work in the family business, Sam becomes a notorious safebreaker. But despite his talent, he finds life difficult. He pretends to his family that he is a property developer, but nobody is fooled, least of all his grandfather, an old-school "mensch". Sam is asked by one of the area’s old bosses to take part in a robbery at a diamond merchant’s. The break-in could be very profitable and enable Sam to retire before his nine-year-old son starts asking too many questions about his father.

Source: Quiet Earth

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Pat said...

whats mensch supposed to mean in this context? its german and normally means "human" or "person".

Marc Eastman said...

pretty much the standard definition of the word as adopted as a word in English. Human or person is the standard translation of the most common German usage, but in English it means a good person, or something like a decent person. That definition is recognized in German as well.

On a related note, you have every comment on your blog feeding to Twitter? That's nuts man.

Craig Grobler said...

Mensch means: good person, stand up guy, stand up member of the community not dishonest or criminal.

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