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Monday, 22 June 2009

UPDATED: Wicker Man 2 - Holy Cowboys for Christ! Ewar WooWar indeed.

Edward Speleers (Eragon) has joined the cast of Cowboys for Christ, the follow-up to the original 70's cult classic The Wicker Man, according to the actor's official blog.

I had no idea there was a sequel in development. Not sure if it is a good idea, but at least it is not a sequel of the Nic Cage remake from a few years ago.

Speleers and Morgan James star as two Texans who plan to spread Christianity in Tressock, Scotland but are unaware that they're in grave danger from the Celtic pagan community in the village.

Original 'Wicker' star, the recently knighted Sir Christopher Lee, is also onboard. Principal photography is scheduled to start in July in Scotland under the helm of Robin Hardy.

How do you feel about a sequel to Wicker Man? Will there be a similar character to that portrayed by Britt Eckland - if so who could play that part? Will it end the same way?

UPDATE: Digging a little deeper, the film is based on a book by Robin Hardy and it also stars Joan Collins according to IMDB. The plot starts off like this:
Beth (Morgan James) is a successful pop music singer and a devout Protestant Christian from Texas, USA. She and her boyfriend Steve (Ed Speleers) both belong to a group known as the "cowboys for Christ", who travel to "heathen areas" of the world to preach Christianity. They travel to Glasgow, Scotland, hoping to save some souls once there. However, they are shocked when they receive a very negative reception, Beth even being set upon by a large dog.

After performing a concert at a local cathedral, the duo are approached by Lord Lachlan (Christopher Lee) and his wife Delia, aristocrats from the small village of Tressock in the Scottish lowlands. They invite Beth and Steve to come back with them to Tressock in order to preach.

Meanwhile, detective Orlando is sent to Tressock, posing as the local police officer, in order to secretly investigate reports of a pagan cult.

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