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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tron 2 - Script Review - Spoilers

The first Tron film was excellent and the news of a sequel excited me when I first heard about it. Finally we have some more information about Tron 2 from this script review by CC2K. It is a great review of a first draft of the script. Lots and lots of spoilers so you have been warned - details on the plot and characters. Check out the full review though as there is lots more to see. First of all though, let's remind ourselves of the footage from last year.

Remember the Encom corporation? Well, they're hard at work on a new global information network called X-Net. They're pitching it as the world's only 100 percent secure information network. Encom code monkeys are working 'round the clock to get X-Net ready for launch, but a powerful virus keeps attacking their core system: a virus called Tron. Meanwhile, other computer viruses have been proliferating around the world, making X-Net a massive success before its launch. Everyone is terrified that the world's computer systems – from the Internet on down – are going to crash, and X-Net is the only solution.

Encom's evil CEO, named Sinclair in this draft, engineered the global virus attacks to frighten everyone (and I mean everyone) to get on board with X-Net so he'll have total control over all the world's information.

What happened to Flynn?

Years ago, Sinclair managed to use the lazer-digitizer thingy from the first movie to zap Jeff Bridge's character (Kevin Flynn) into the Encom system. Sinclair thought he killed Flynn, but Flynn has remained alive inside the system as a freedom fighter. Flynn used the Tron program as the base code for a powerful new app that's designed to take down X-Net.

What about Tron?

Pretty much a cipher. He doesn't have any dialogue, and Rush kills him about midway through the movie. His new look and new moves sound extremely badass, though.

The Characters:

Rush/Sean Flynn - Confused leading man and our proxy in the story. He eventually claims the Tron mantle.

Megan/Mega - The hot babe. I presume that Olivia Wilde is playing this role, and the thought of her in luminescent spandex sounds just fine.

Sinclair/Plexor - The bad guy. Indistinguishable from Dillinger/Sark in part one. Will John Hurt play this role?

Krod - A search program, and the movie's comic relief. Pretty funny, with lots of off-kilter dialogue.

D-Rezz - A powerful deletion utility that helps out the heroes. Has the potential to be pretty cute. He growls menacingly at various bad guys while clobbering them and dies in a scene sure to distress the kiddies.

I-Beem - A frazzled denizen of the cyber-world. I'm not sure what kind of app he is, but he can teleport from one place to another.

Kevin Flynn - The hero of part one. In this movie, Flynn's trapped deep inside the system and is the rougish leader of an army called the Finity Fighters. Jeffries portayal of Flynn isn't bad, but as a leader, Flynn is stuck saying a lot of sis-boom-bah, inspirational speeches that feel strange coming out of his mouth.

Rumor held for years that Tron 2 would follow the structure of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, and that we would discover a Flynn who had retreated deep inside the system and lost some part of himself. Jeffries' script clearly includes an element of that idea, but it's missing two things:

1. Flynn hasn't lost his mind.

2. Flynn isn't a god.
It all sounds a little hit or miss at the moment. Think it is going to hang on the look and if the actors buy into the whole thing or not. It's the first draft though so things could change. If you read the above what are your thoughts on it?

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