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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 before The Lone Ranger

Jerry Bruckheimer who is currently working on The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time spoke to Coming Soon about the Disney films The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Johnny Depp will be back as Captain Jack and is also meant to be playing Tonto

It looks as if Disney are focused on getting the next installement of "Pirates" sorted out.

"It's a great franchise for them and for us, too," said Bruckheimer. "A beloved character and Johnny's really excited about coming back to Captain Jack. He certainly is interested in Tonto, but Disney's priority is to get 'Pirates' made first. You never know what's going to happen, but they would like it."

It makes sense for Disney to focus on a new Pirates movie. It is an almost guaranteed money maker so they will want to keep on mining that for all it is worth. I hope they take it back to the simpler kind of tale like the first film. It also looks as if Depp will be the only main star returning.

Bruckheimer shared that the original writers, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot, were "writing 'Pirates' as we speak," and he said it was "funny" and a "whole new way of going" although he wouldn't share more than that.

Since Gore Verbinski recently announced that he may not direct a movie based on the video game BioShock, Bruckheimer was aked if there was a chance he might return for a fourth movie. "You never know," he admitted. "He created the franchise so we'd love to have him back, but it's kind of up to him."

Bruckheimer was then asked about what was happening with The Lone Ranger as, apart from Depp, no casting for the lead character has been announced (although Matthew McConaughey had been rumoured). "Wait until they got a director and Disney says to go make the movie." This means previous rumours that Prince of Persia director Mike Newell was in talks to direct the movie are untrue. "We don't have a director yet. He's too busy on 'Prince of Persia' right now," Bruckheimer confirmed.

Just so you know this is a fan made trailer.

What do you want to see in a new Pirates of the Caribbean film? Will it be the rumoured quest for the fountain of youth? Who should direct The Lone Ranger film and who would be best to play that masked man?

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pamela fruendt said...

while the next installment of 'pirates' may seem like a sure thing for disney, the only way it's going to suceed is if it has a great story. i agree with you on the need to return to the simplicity of the first movie. the first film told the most complete story; the second gave the most insight into jack's character; and the third, while exciting, tied everything up and left the audience wanting more as captain jack sailed off into the sunset. the 4th installment will determine whether or not they can turn potc into something as lasting as the harry potter series. depp's brillant creation of captain jack is beloved by all age groups... potc1 is even shown in my mother's nursing home! it would be a shame not to share more adventures with the captain. let's hope disney doesn't blow it.