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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The news no-one was waiting for

James Marsters told an interviewer that he'll be filming the sequel to the much-reviled Dragonball Evolution after he gets done touring with his band in Europe this spring and summer. He's just been told he can officially announce a sequel. Even fansite DB The Move greets this news with gritted teeth, saying "Let's just hope that if true, they treat the sequel with a lot more respect."

I like James Marsters. I thought he was cool as Spike in Buffy and Angel and he was good in Torchwood. I always feel he should be a bigger star than he currently is. Unfortunately, unless they up the game on the sequel, I don't think his star will rise any higher.

Mind you he will still be getting paid a shed load of money so he won't be complaining. Hell I'll take a part in the sequel for a big pile of money.

Source: io9

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