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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Is Michael Bassett in the running to direct Predators?

Last week I mentioned the fact that Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, Descent) was one of several directors in the running to direct the Robert Rodriguez produced Predators.

Now it looks as if we may have one of the other directors in the running. Michael Bassett (Solomon Kane) talks about his recent trip to LA to discuss one thing. Reading between the lines I am pretty sure he is talking about Predators.

I had a specific reason for going so it was all pretty focused on that one thing. There are several directors being met and considered so I can’t/won’t be specific about what this is. I’m also pretty sure I’m not at the top of anyone’s list for this gig, though god knows I pitched my little heart out for it. I met with the producer (even though arranging the meeting was like trying to juggle mercury) at the very swanky Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and spent a pleasurable few hours chatting about his work and achievements as well as this project. He’s a director as well and it was really interesting listening to some of his war-stories. He’s not much older than I am but has been far more productive in his time and I was pretty blown away by that sheer heads-down determination and work ethic he’s got. Makes me feel like a lazy underachiever in comparison. Though he’d seen Solomon Kane and really liked it, the film of mine that he dug most was WILDERNESS. He responded to the strong performances of the young cast and sheer ferocity of the kills which I think plays to elements of this project.

Then I met with the executives at the studio that’s financing. Once again, a great meeting with a huge amount of positive energy and enthusiasm from me and them. I came away thinking that – whoever gets the gig – they’re going to have a really passionate team behind them.

Anyway, back home now and awaiting feedback from this trip. It’s a long shot but the game’s not over just yet. I think I know who’s most likely to get the job out of the other names I’ve heard and if I’m right, then we’ll all get a great movie and if it’s me, we’ll then, we’ll get an even better one
Maybe he is talking about Neil Marshall in that last paragraph or mayber somebody else.

In a previous post on his excellent blog he talks about dream projects (Half-Life, Outland and more) and mentions the Alien films.
Alien is the reason I became a film maker. I don’t care about Ripley (edit – just to qualify this comment; Fincher finished her story in Alien3 and bringing her back felt like a diservice to her character in Alien4.) I want to know about the Aliens; their world, the ecosystem or intelligence that created them. Imagine if the Alien in its home world was nothing more than a wasp or ant? What kind of planet would that be? I’d rather Ridley Scott or James Cameron did it but if they won’t I’ll happily take a swing. Anything has to be better than the Alien movies we’ve been served up so far. (And this is coming from a guy who went to New York to see the opening of Alien3 in Times Square. I’ve long since forgiven Fincher who is clearly a genius but boy, it stung at the time. In fact you can kinda see what he was trying to do if you look at the extended cut. Still bad but now at least a really noble failure.) I hear now that the Ridley is producing a prequel with his favourite new Wunderkind director protege. Maybe we’ll finally find out what the hell the ’space jockey’ was all about. Wish it was me doing it though…
He definitley has the right mindset and geek credentials to make a new Predator film that we all want to see. Right, I'm off to see if I can get an interview with him.

Do you think Bassett is talking about the Predators film? Out of him and Marshall who do you think would deliver the better film?

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.