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Monday, 1 June 2009

UPDATED: Deadpool to kick Captain America in the nuts according to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has been chatting about the Deadpool film that is spinning off from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

They are still looking for a finished script, but Reynolds says he is involved. However, it looks as if the tone for the film could be just right going by what Reynolds had to say.

Look, I'm into any role in which I get to kick Captain America in the nuts,...Yeah, it's in the works. That's about all I can really say. They're actively hashing [it] out. I'm meeting with them all the time. We're in constant contact, and it's just a matter of breaking the spine of the story and figuring out what it is and who's the villain.
UPDATE: Here's a little more from the interview:

REYNOLDS: We're just trying to get it right. There's so many variables to play. It's tough because when you have a character like Deadpool, to the greatest extent of your power, you want to bring as much authenticity to that character as possible. And by "authenticity," I don't mean that you'd want to make him somebody that you'd have a Starbucks coffee with, I mean that you want to make him as close to the comics as possible. And there's nothing that I wouldn't do to make sure that ends up on film, but sometimes things are out of your control, things that you can't change. But I'm really happy, in these early talks, that the studio is as obsessed with making it as close to the comic book source material as possible. And that's all I really needed to hear. Cuz I will husk-f*@k a herd of cattle to bring Wade Wilson to life as the real deal.

Will there be any real effort to make it fit within the continuity of Wolverine? Or will you just allow it to be its own thing? (This clip shows how Deadpool ended up in the alternate ending of X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

REYNOLDS: Without saying too much, I can't imagine that there's gonna be any tie-in to the Wolverine movie at all.

You've said previously, the Deadpool we glimpse in Wolverine isn't necessarily the character you'd want to play. You've spoken about doing the more self-aware

REYNOLDS: Absolutely! That's the reason to do it…There's nothing else like that in movies, or comic books, for that matter. I would like to make him self-aware; I'd like to have a bit of a pop-culture air going on throughout the film. I mean, the greatest villain in a Deadpool comic is Deadpool. There's a lot you can do there, but you've gotta ask, "Who's the boss? Who's the guy he's going up against?" But it's breaking the fourth wall; it's including all those things in a way that works, but it's not nearly as hard as it sounds. It can really be done. And people tend to overlook the greatest resource we have, which is the comic book. If it can be done in the comic, it can be done on film in a way that's just as much fun to watch for people who know nothing about the character than for people who are obsessed with the character.

Not to belabor the point, but Deadpool is really the character where, if you're casting Deadpool, you're a smart choice for that. It works with much of what you've done already – the comedy, the drama.

REYNOLDS: Yeah, all those things. And I have ideas for it that I think are right in tune with the tone of that character. I'm dying to see them on film. Literally, dying. So many of the outlets that follow this character are curious what the elements will be, afraid that you won't be disfigured, that you won't wear the mask, and I laugh because there's no way to do this without having the scarring, having the mask, having it all. And it can be done. It's a no-brainer in that sense. You gotta have the character of Deadpool. You don't want to just invent something new and call it Deadpool.

Wouldn't it be great if they could tie Deadpool into the intermingling world of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and the Avengers over at Marvel Studios. Unfortunately as it is being made by Fox this may not happen. What characters to do you want to see in the Deadpool film?

Source: Filmstalker

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Anonymous said...

deadpool was shit in wolverine, i mean they basically said this weird fucked up thing at the end is really deadpool...they totally ruined any chance for a gd spinoff.

Live for films said...

It is true that the character at the end of the Wolvie film was nothing like the Deadpool from the comics. However, I did feel that his portrayal at the start was closer to the Merc with the Mouth.

Anyone have any ideas how they can get Deadpool from the Wolverine film back on track with the character from the comics?

Pat said...

it was a clone, using the merc's dna only. deadpool, aka ryan reynolds was alive and fine all the time, locked away in some secret part of the building.

Pat said...

nice touch i read on youtube. deadpool (or whatever u wanna call that clone thing) goes "shhhhhh" at the camera (you) - breaking the 4th wall just like in the comics.

if this ends up being deadpool, at least with his messed up face they got a reason to put the red/black mask on him!

The Russian said...

"Cuz I will husk-f*@k a herd of cattle to bring Wade Wilson to life as the real deal." - can't say fairer than that!