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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Who will the bearer of a Black Lantern?

DC are currently running a story line in Green Lantern that involves a lot more Lantern Corps - Red Lanterns for anger, Pink for love, Blue for hope etc.

The Black Lanterns are those that represent death and it looks as if all the dead heroes and villains will be zombiefied and rise again as Black Lanterns. The picture above from Green Lantern #43 (via DC's Source blog) shows just who can expect to see. It will feature the birth of the first Black Lantern. “Discover who he is and just what his connection to death — and in turn, the Black Lantern Corps — really is.”

I've been enjoying the series so far for its huge scope and cosmic sensibilities. Hal Jordan, last I saw, had both a Green and a Blue power ring. I do have a bit of a dreadful feeling though that Hal will get all of the rings and become a Rainbow Lantern or maybe a White Lantern. White Lantern may work.

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