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Monday, 8 June 2009

UFO creator Gerry Anderson talks about plans for the film

A week or two ago I posted news about Gerry Anderson's classic live action series, UFO, being turned into a film. Robert Evans is producing it and is teaming up with British network ITV.

Now Gerry Anderson has talked about the news and it sounds as if he is happy with the whole thing.
"I got a call from somebody in America. It was very kind actually - they phoned to say, 'Gerry, listen, there's an announcement going out now [about the
new movie] and we didn't want it to come as a shock to you', which was a kind move. As a result of that I had a long chat with them. It wouldn't help me to blow this up bigger than it is, but I have a feeling that I might end up being a consultant on the movie."
The last film based on his work was Thunderbirds. Anderson described that as "the biggest load of crap I have ever seen in my life". He was going to be brought on as a consultant for that film, but they eventually decided he wasn't needed which just goes to show some of the stupidity that Hollywood sometimes shows.

However, despite this last mess Anderson is cautiously optimistic that UFO will be different from the mostly awful Hollywood remakes of classic British shows:
"Over here there's a rather unfortunate history about remakes; Thunderbirds the film was a disaster, and The Avengers, and so on. But I hope, and I think I probably believe, that this could be the exception."
The UFO movie is currently still in the development stages.

Source: Den of Geek

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