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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Stuff

I remember seeing this trailer on many VHS tapes when I was a young chap. The film was out in 1985 so that would make 12. It always looked pretty cool to those young eyes but I never actually got to see it.

I came across it on a random wander through Youtube and I thought I would just put it up to see if anyone saw it and if it was any good. Also are there any trailers you remember seeing as a kid that intrigued you but you never actually got to see the full film?

Don't be surprised, with Hollywood's current drive to remake every film ever made, to see The Stuff updated at some point and directed by Michael Bay!

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anotherzen said...

haha, i remember this one, cant belive it went on theaters lol. the white goo of doom ^^ horrid but a classic, if you kow what i mean :P

Tonks said...

I remember being freaked out by the preview to The Stuff (I was 10) when I saw it on 'Revid' on Channel 4... never seen the full film either

Phil Hunter said...

I thought it was amazing when I saw it late one night on TV in the 90s. I'm pretty sure there was a sequel too.

The Stuff looked really tasty too!