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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Random - Sucker Punch, The Surrogate, Swift, Caught in the Crossfire, The Runaways, Your Highness,

- When asked about Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, which stars Vanessa Hudgens as a supporting character named Blondie, Zac Efron admitted he wants in, too. "I think it's an all-girl movie," he told E! Online.

- Halle Berry is in talks to star in the thriller The Surrogate for 20th Century Fox says The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the 2004 book by Kathryn Mackel, the story centers on a couple desperate to have a child who find themselves in an unbearable position when they find out the surrogate they hired to carry their baby is insane. Berry would play the wife who wants to have the child and the studio is apparently keen to have her involved but no formal arrangements or meetings have yet been made.

- Sony Pictures has picked up Swift, a script described as a reimagining of the Tom Swift adventure novels says Variety. This new version would feature Swift as one-half of a father-son team who are among the greatest inventors of all time. The character first appeared in a series of books that launched in 1910. Barry Sonnenfeld will direct.

- Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has joined the cast of the police corruption drama Caught in the Crossfire says Variety. The drama concerns two homicide detectives who find themselves caught in the crossfire of a gang-related homicide and a group of dirty cops. Jackson plays a gang-banger who becomes a reluctant informant. Chris Klein, Adam Rodriguez and Richard T. Jones also star.

- Michael Shannon ("Revolutionary Road," "Bug") is in negotiations for a lead male role in The Runaways for River Road says The Hollywood Reporter. Kristen Stewart will play Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning is on board to play bandmate Cherie Curry in the bioic of the short-lived but highly influential all-female 1970's rock band.

- Natalie Portman has joined the cast of the comedy Your Highness for Universal Pictures reports Variety. Danny McBride ("Tropic Thunder," "Land of the Lost"), who wrote the script with Ben Best, plays an arrogant lazy prince who with his brother (James Franco) must complete a quest to save the kingdom and his brother's fiance. Portman will play a warrior princess that the lazy prince falls in love with.

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