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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Random - Bond 23, Inglourious Basterds, Ghostbusters 3, The Jetsons, In Praise of Shadows, Alien, Funhouse,

- UK Newspaper The Guardian speculates that the 23rd James Bond film will feature “the poppy fields and drug barons of Afghanistan.”

- Harvey Weinstein is attempting to get his hands on Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and cut out 40 minutes of it, according to The Wrap.

- According to Harold Ramis through Coming Soon and HorrorMovies.ca, the Ghostbusters 3 is far from complete and no one has actually signed up to it. "I wrote the story for the new movie with them, and Dan and I've been consulting. We're just waiting to see a first draft and where we are...Everyone says they'll do it, they've all said they'll do it. No one has signed anything yet--we haven't signed anything either--but there's the spirit of willingness in the air."

- Robert Rodriguez tells MTV News that his live-action adaptation of classic sci-fi cartoon The Jetsons could go into production sooner than you think. "I've been developing [The Jetsons] for awhile," Rodriguez says and hopes to start shooting "next year" and confirmed the film will be live-action. Story wise "We're writing the script right now" says Rodriguez.

- James Franco has signed on to star in the indie drama In Praise of Shadows reports Variety. The drama tells the story of William Vincent (Franco), and recounts his eccentric and curious journey that brought him back to New York City after four years in exile to rescue the woman he loves from a crime syndicate.

- Sources at Fox tell EW that the studio is not interested in greenlighting an Alien prequel unless Ridley Scott himself directs.

- Eli Roth wants to remake Tobe Hooper's Funhouse. "It should be about the kids getting killed in horrible ways, put in different contraptions in the funhouse and the final girl being strapped into the ride and sent into the tunnels to be confronted by terrifying tableaux of her dead friends," Roth says. "A smart remake could be so much fun. Kill the kids in fabulous ways and continually reuse the bodies by making them freaks in the freak museum, sew their eyes shut, waxworks... That's the stuff I want to do in a remake of The Funhouse."

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