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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I Spit On Your Rave - Zombies at The Big Chill

A press release from the people behind I Spit on Your Rave is inviting people to join the film as extras.
Do you ever find yourself feeling like a Zombie? Walking mindlessly towards some preordained destination, groaning, grunting and perfecting a dead eyed stare? Do you call it the ‘morning commute’? Well for this year Big Chill Festival, we’re giving you the chance to become a REAL ZOMBIE! Warp Films and Film4 are organising the world’s biggest mass participation zombie walk on the Thursday night of the Festival.

Check out the I Spit On Your Rave mini-site now!!

Warp Films (the people who brough you modern British classics such as Dead Man’s Shoes and This is England, not to mention the twisted artistic vision of Chris Cunningham) and Film Four and The Big Chill Festival are asking YOU to don all the undead garb, tilt your head, go slack jawed, stiff kneed, outstrech your arms and get yourself involved in the world biggest zombie walk ever.

Audience participation will be taken to a whole new level at this year’s Big Chill festival as fields full of revellers get a Zombie makeover – and are transported to the year 2018 where mankind is extinct after a virus is released at the 2012 Olympics. Zombies have taken over the world but, like their human ancestors, they are partial to a summer party…

The Big Chill festival is in the UK and the zombie goodness takes place on 6th August. Once the filming has been completed “a short clip of the main scene will then be shown at the end of the festival before being released online, giving people the chance to see whether they made it to the silver screen, or the cutting room floor.”

Make-up and costume will be available on location at the festival but they would like as many people to arrive in costume as possible, with filming beginning the moment people arrive at the box office, and continuing all over the site through the weekend.

Check out The Big Chill site for more info.

Sounds like a cool thing to be involved in. Are you going to The Big Chill this year? Will you be getting zombied up?

If you do go take lots of photos and send them my way and I'll post them on the site.

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.