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Monday, 1 June 2009

Duncan Jones to Escape from the Deep

I recently interviewed Duncan Jones about his directorial feature debut, Moon.

When I asked him what film he first remembered watching he said, "Errol Flynn's "The Seahawks" I LOVED that film.. Pirates, heroes, adventures. Think its part of what gave me the desire to do a "guys on a mission" film."

Well according to The Hollywood Reporter it looks as if he will be combining a few of those things on his next project, Escape From The Deep.

This is a script by Alex Kershaw based on the non-fiction book of the same name.

The Escape from the Deep web site describes the story as follows:
In October 1944, the U.S. Navy submarine Tang was already legendary—it had sunk more enemy ships, rescued more downed airmen, and pulled off more daring surface attacks than any other Allied submarine in the Pacific. And then, on her fifth patrol, disaster struck. The Tang’s last torpedo went out straight on target, but suddenly malfunctioned, turned back in an erratic “circular run,” and struck the Tang with such enormous force that half of the eighty-seven-man crew was killed instantly.

The survivors who went down with the Tang struggled to stay alive in their submerged “iron coffin” one hundred eighty feet beneath the surface, while the Japanese dropped deadly depth charges. As the oxygen depleted, some of the men made a daring ascent through the escape trunk. In the end just nine men of the original crew survived, including four who had been thrown from the bridge when the faulty torpedo hit, and had managed to tread water for over eight hours. But all of them were just beginning a far greater ordeal.

After being picked up by a Japanese patrol vessel, the survivors from the Tang were sent to a secret Japanese interrogation camp known as the “Torture Farm.” When they were finally liberated in August 1945, they were close to death, but they had revealed nothing to the Japanese, including the greatest secret of World War II.

Jones described Kershaw's book as a "powerful story that will come alive on the big screen."

He said he hopes to create a "tense action movie" from the story although there is still a long way to go as his recent tweet suggested.

Escape from the Deep is in early EARLY days.. still need the script to be written! but I highly recommend the book. An amazing true story!

Sounds like quite an interesting and action packed tale and I do like a good submarine film. Nine men...who would you like to see play the trapped submariners?

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