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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Anthony Stewart Head in a futuristic Macbeth

The always excellent Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy, Merlin) has starred as Duncan in a futuristic version of Macbeth according to io9.

Director Nicholas Paton, who adapted the play with Fergus March (who also plays the title role), provided a tantalizing description of Head's role way back in 2006:
"Tony plays Duncan as a spitting, cigar-chomping criminal leader, with a soft Glaswegian accent that can turn in an instant from warm and affectionate to fatally menacing. As Duncan he plays a pivotal role in the film - he is both Macbeth's boss and paternal figure, whom Macbeth is driven to murder by his own uncontrollable ambition. The murder of Duncan reflects the loss of the last of the old-school gangsters as a new generation rise to power, a generation without the same moral sensibilities and rules of conduct as Duncan's - much as Brando's Don Corleone is ousted by a younger more reckless generation in The Godfather."
However, it appears that there have been some problems during the editing process and reshoots have been needed. Unfortunately, it looks as if Anthony won't be able to do them.
"That last I heard of it, somebody called me who was editing it and said, 'We've got a few issues with various things that might need re-shooting. And I thought, 'Well, you kind of had me when you had me. I'm shooting in France. I can't really do it.' So I don't know what's going on with that, but there were just a few issues of things differing from one scene to another. What I saw and what I was in was great, and I sincerely hope it will get some kind of release."
Set in the future but using Shakespeare's original dialogue? Sounds bizarre yet cool. I'll keep you posted as and when I find anything new on this.

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