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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

24 - Has it nuked the fridge

24 has been going for a good few seasons and some of the storylines have been a little over the top. However, Kiefer is always solid and the format still works.

The show jumping the shark, nuking the fridge etc is nothing to do with the storyline. It is to do with the following piece of casting.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is joining the cast of Fox's 24 as CTU's head of Field Ops. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he'll play David Cole, "a recently returned Marine who...wants to follow in Jack Bauer's (Kiefer Sutherland) footsteps."

That's right. Scooby Doo's Fred, The Wing Commander himself is joining 24.

Message ends.

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CJ Holden said...

Be careful with your use of "Nuke The Fridge". In many circles it became a synonym for angry fanboys who complain about everything on the internet, just for the sake of complaining. (As in: "These silly fanboys think that the fridge scene in Indy 4 was way too silly and unrealistic, but stuff like the parachute raft in part 2 wasn't?"

Anyway, while I agree that Freddie Prinze Jr is a very odd choice for 24, I will hold my judgment till I see him. Because a.) he was very good in Boston Legal, b.)we already had Sean Astin as CTU yuppie and c.)he is still less annoying and laughable than Mary Lynn Rajskub. And if we can survive X seasons with Chloe, we can survive one with Mr. Buffy.

Have a nice day!

Pat said...

who would be a gd "young" jack bauer?

the only person i can think of is Josh Holloway at the moment. i would love to see him do it. or at least involving him in 24. thad be great!

Pat said...

oh, realized hes of course only 3 years younger....