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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

White Wall - Poster and Photos for apocalyptic western kung-fu arthouse film

Quiet Earth had the poster and photos for this one and they describe it as having, "a mixture of kung fu, scifi, and western flavor thrown in."

"Shawn Kors wishes for a life different than his own. Thanks to the VXII, a virus that decimated the human population, Shawn has only known the world behind the confines of a large white wall. For Shawn, it is a world riddled with violence, betrayal and corruption and the only way to survive is to speak the same language. As he grows older, Shawn finds a way out. To escape the bad influences of his past, he lives in anonymity and searches for the unlikely cure of the VXII. As he gets closer to the truth, he wins the esteem of his peers and the love of a beautiful medic. Hope springs eternal -- until a war between the militia and a terrorist gang erupts that threatens to pull Shawn back into the world he so longs to leave behind."
"Set in a wasteland enclosed by a large white wall, the last survivor from a brutal child internment camp reluctantly takes on one final bounty hunting job to protect the idyllic life he has rebuilt."