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Friday, 28 November 2008

Børre - Trailer

Somewhere, someplace lives a loner called Børre, a man in his early thirties. He's got a boring good for nothing job that he hates, and a Swedish grease ball pig boss he’d love to see drop dead on the spot. To escape the reality of his sad boring life, he finds comfort in his bong. His only friend is a Pac-Man loving, dope dealing, Lowriding wannabe-gangster named Ludo. Børre knows a lot about old porn flicks, and his greatest hero of all time is the great, one and only Charles Bronson… Mr. Majestyk!

Every woman he ever cared for has disappeared from him, into the thin air. His self-esteem is not exactly high. Dr. Kronenberg is trying to help him solve his problems. Now, Børre has met Barbra, a sweet happy go lucky girl with an appetite for life, she is the love of his life. She loves him too. Børre is happy; his life is getting back on track…but something is lurking in the dark.

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