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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Moon - On-Set photo, an interview with Sam Rockwell and what influences the director, Duncan Jones

I posted the new poster for Moon earlier today. Now here is a photo from the set of Moon. It shows the film crew being busy, but more interestingly it shows a bit more of the moonbase.

Doing a bit more hunting around the web I have found out that Sam Rockwell plays two characters, one of which is a clone of the other and they both have different personalities.

That could explain the dummy lying down in the bottom right of the photo as it may well be used for scenes where Sam Rockwell has to act against himself..or it may be a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. I hope it is the former option as it looks like it would make a crap robot. Wonder if it will turn out that Rockwell isn't actually cloned and is just going mad and talking to his other personality?

I found the photo on Daneeta Loretta's London Metblog. Apparantly she is mates with the director, Duncan Jones, and says, "My mate and fellow LFS alumni Duncan is in the middle of filming his first feature “Moon” at Shepperton Studios (not technically London, I know, but close enough). Sam Rockwell is in the lead playing a scientist returning to Earth after a three-year sojourn on the Moon.

If you’re interested in Sci-Fi and have a penchant for those classic films of the 70s, this will be the film for you. Duncan’s references are the likes of “Alien” (the original) and “Silent Running.” It won’t be out ’til 2009"

I also came across this interview with Sam Rockwell he did way back in March. He talks about Frost/Nixon, Choke, Snow Angels, Charlies Angels and this is what he had to say about Moon

The A.V. Club: So you're working in London right now?

Sam Rockwell: I'm in jolly old London. I'm working on a science-fiction movie called Moon. And it's just me and a robot. That's it, man. You ever seen a movie called Silent Running with Bruce Dern? It's sort of like that.

AVC: Or Castaway?

SR: It's a little bit like Castaway, too, except my character is on the moon and he meets his clone. That's a little different, too.

AVC: So unless the robot is really charismatic, this is obviously a leading role. Does your mindset change when you're cast in a lead role rather than a supporting role?

SR: There's a mixed bag with it. It's more responsibility, but it's probably easier to do a lead role, because you just get into a groove, vs. a supporting role, you wait around more.

AVC: That seems to be the difference between an independent film and a studio film too, the waiting around.

SR: Yeah. In independent movies, you wait around less. In a way, it's a little more creative, I think. For an actor, anyway.

Now we know a little bit more about it. A mix of Silent Running, Castaway, Saturn 3 and a hint of Solaris (the George Clooney version). Regular reader of the site, Tony H put this forward, "For this to be something new it has to have an almighty twist...is he being replaced by his own clone who has orders to kill him first? A corporation that saves on wages and recruitment by growing, implanting and then disposing of the workforce...."

Where do you reckon this film is going?