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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Watchmen Legal Battle Update

Filmstalker have got the latest on what is happened in the courts with Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie.

Previously we heard that the worst case scenario was that 20th Century Fox would halt the production and distribution of Watchmen and perhaps even can it, returning to make their own version.

However, it could mean a huge delay with Watchmen and a huge financial blow to Warner Bros. who have invested all the money and talent into making Watchmen, and unlike Fox, have had the drive and the stomach to make the film that they couldn't and wouldn't.

While Warner Bros. have announced that Fox are merely trying to attach themselves to a film that looks like it will be a major hit, they are willing to accept a partial settlement. What that exactly means we don't know, but it will most likely mean a percentage of takings or a big one off payment.

Now that sounds like Warner Bros. are stepping back from the personal side of the issue and being rather pragmatic. Sure they could sit there and fight, but it would be quicker and easier for them to recoup the money they've invested in the film by getting it out there for the audiences, even at a lesser return for them. Remember, they are a business.

Business yes, but they seem more ethical too. Fox is still asking for the sole right to produce and distribute the film throughout the world.

Now does that mean that they'd start their own version up if they won? Or does it mean that they could take the film from Warner Bros., pay them all the money invested to date, and just walk away with it?

According to amlawdaily through Filmonic the judge will make his decision next month. Let's hope he sees sense and thinks about what this is all about, not just business but a film for the audience. Settle like adults and let the film free, don't bicker and have the audience turn away from it over a studio who couldn't make the film for years through fear and lack of creativity.

How do you feel about the news?
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