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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Rosario Dawson in web series

The first couple of episodes of Rosario Dawson’s new web series, Gemini Division, are now online. While Gemini Division is shot and told through a female first-person confessional, like other popular web series (LonelyGirl), it is also presented in a more cinematic fashion.

Comprised of 50 three-minute episodes, the sci-fi thriller is set "five minutes in the future" about a New York City detective. Anna Diaz (Dawson), who realizes her fiance isn’t everything she thought he was. And the Gemini Division is an organization that has been formed to bring together a group of "renegade sims", that were created for the Iraq war, but all of a sudden went AWOL and are rumored to be forming a secret terrorist cell. Much of the footage is shot on green screen, transporting the actors to locations and places they otherwise couldn’t afford. Truth is, they plan to shoot 150 minutes worth of content for only $1.75 million. You can check out the first two episodes on GeminiDivision.com

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