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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Robert Downey Jr talks Sherlock Holmes

There is an interview over on Premiere with Robert Downey Jr about his forthcoming Sherlock Holmes movie. Here is a snippet. Sounds like it will be a bit more action orientated compared to the Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett versions. I think Downey Jr will pull this off though.

When do you start shooting?
October 6. Going over to England.

Have you had many meetings with Guy Ritchie?
We've definitely got to spend some time together, and I love his take on it. We're both martial arts enthusiasts and historically, in the real origin stories of Sherlock Holmes, he's kind of a bad-ass and a bare-knuckle boxer and studies the rare art of baritsu [fictional martial art created by Doyle for the final Holmes story, 1901's The Adventure Of The Empty House]. If you look baritsu up, they can't even really tell you what it is, so it gives us a lot of leeway.

What drew you to this take on Holmes?
I love the idea of doing a period piece without trying to be too stylized. I loved 300, but I think that that's been capitalized on in other films like that, so I like the idea of doing a period piece where you don't modernize it, you just realize how modern it was. In 1891, it was incredibly modern. And Sherlock Holmes is such a great character to be able to play.

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