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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Alien V Predator 3

Now I love the thriller/suspense of Alien, the army-barmy marine gung-ho of Aliens, the dog/alien in Alien 3....and what they were trying to do with Alien: Resurrection. The same can go for Predator and the brilliant Predator 2. But the later Alien films and Predators had problems (Newt, Baby Alien, no Hicks or Hudson, etc) which also seemed to over take the AVP movies.

Both AVPs had some great elements but the main points of problem were the lack of space. Not open space, but space up there. If anyone has ever read the Dark Horse graphic novels or comics of the AVP series they are (as I remember) all set in space with Colonial Marines getting in the way, not earth civilians or scientists in current day.

But, we could be up for a change which could, and I emphasise the could, save the series (Andy I didn't use the term franchise just for you!). Greg and Colin Strause have recently mentioned - AVP-R definitely leads into another film. While AVP-R takes place in an American Midwestern town, for the next film, they want to take the action back into space. As a matter of fact, they said that 20th Century Fox has no choice other than to agree to take it back into space following AVP-R.

Fingers crossed they can pull it off this time!