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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Billy Zane to Play Every Male Comic Book Hero and Villain Ever

Billy Zane, he had Zoolander's back, was the only reason the Wife watches Titanic, looks cool with or without a beard, goes hunting with Chisholm, okay he was a bit foolish to let Kelly Brook go, but nobody is perfect.

He is the guy the studios should go to when they need someone for the latest comic book movie. Think about....go on think....now think some more....take your favourite superhero and imagine the Zanester playing them in a movie. It works doesn't it....If it doesn't then think some more until it does.

The man who should have been Bruce Wayne, the perfect Lex Luthor, the best Reed Richards, the swashbuckling Green Arrow, the death dealing Deathstroke, the strong jawed Captain America, the brooding Namor, the incredible shrinking Atom, the immortal Iron Fist, the perfect Zeidt, the cackling Creeper, the infinite Beyonder, well you get the idea.

Plus he is bald so can portray any hairstyle through the judicious application of hairpieces, or stay au natural to play Lex Luthor or other bald characters such as a young Charles Xavier.

In closing keep thinking about it, but don't think about The Phantom too much. Slam evil...of all the crappy taglines!

What are your thoughts?

Discuss in the forum.


Anonymous said...

Billy Zane for president!

Anonymous said...

I rock!!

Anonymous said...

Works for me

Live for films said...

My son just saw the picture on this article and asked if it was Prof. Xavier. The point is proven even more!!

Anonymous said...

Your son rocks!

Anonymous said...

A vote for Billy is a vote for common sense!

Anonymous said...

What about the Phantom from 1996! That was an underrated movie where he did play a Super-Hero.

Live for films said...

I did mention The Phantom in the article. Just didn't really rate it though