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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Green Lantern movie moving forward?

This from IESB about a script knocking around for the Green Lantern movie. Sounds like it could be truly amazing.

"It starts off with the revelation of Oa and The Central Battery with a voice over narration explaining that 1) there are extraterrestrials that protect the universe, 2) they have power rings, 3) there are thousands of Green Lanterns and 4) one of us has become one of them.

There are a few cameos such as a certain mild mannered reporter from the Daily Planet, a certain college football coach with the last name of Gardner (who we are promised in the script we will see more of in the second film) and loads of other characters sure to keep fanboys orgasmic throughout.

Parts are straight out of the Emerald Dawn series including Jordan's simulator being ripped out of the training center and flown to a dying Abin Sur and Hal Jordan going to Oa to help defeat Legion.The major difference is in the Sinestro character arch. I don't want to give too much away but the writers were very careful to stay true to the character without blowing their load on the first film.The other difference is also introducing Hector Hammond into the story line and making him the big threat to Earth or Gaia if you prefer.

From the first major beat of the story - that is sure to bring a tear - to the revelations at the end of the movie that easily set up prequels as well as sequels this script has it all. Also, unlike other recent superhero movies, this Green Lantern story has science fiction elements such as visiting other planets and major space battles. It's a quick read and is a mere 109 pages but is action packed from the beginning to end.

It has the potential to be bigger than Iron Man or maybe even The Dark Knight. The script, if greenlit, is a sure-fire hit for fan boys, but in scale it's big, VERY big, and we are hearing rumors that it may be too big for the director currently attached, Greg Berlanti.But who would the studio trust to take on a franchise of this size? First, let me say that the studio execs love this GL script, they really dig it - and get it which is always important - and word is they are prepared to spend a pretty penny."

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Anonymous said...

i want will smith in this! it would totally rock!

one role he could finally succeed in!

(dont get me wrong hancock and i am legend sucked balls, but this cud b reli good with him!)

Live for films said...

He could be good as John Stewart, but think it would if he was not the main character in the movie