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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Superman: Man of Steel - Comic Con Trailer

Thanks to Jinja for this one. Apparantly, this was shown at Comic Con and deals with the trailer for the sequel to Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. Not heard anything else about this. It looks as if it was filmed from a big screen but it has bits of Watchmen and The Day the Earth Stood Still Trailers mixed in so could well be someone showing off their editing skills. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Weird one this. It is footage of Superman I haven't seen before mixed in with footage of Superman Returns (what a poor film that was) and the new Watchmen movie.
I'm confused!
Looking on IMDB Superman Man of Steel is due out US June 09, but other than that no news.

Anonymous said...

FAIL (for posting this obvious fake trailer)

Live for films said...

LOL! I wouldn't class it as a FAIL as I do say in the post it is probably someone trying out their editing skills. Good for them to be able to do it so it all matches the apparant filming of it off a big screen.
But come on if you are going to say FAIL and have a go at least have the guts to leave your name and not do it anonymously

Anonymous said...

This really made me get my hopes up...

"Man of Steel" is going through utter hell.

& "Superman Returns" doesn't get 1/4 the credit it deserves from online fans.

It was a great movie, not to mention a true homage & honor of the original 1978. (As far as I'm concerned) It's the 2nd best superhero-movie this decade (1st being Dark Knight)