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Monday, 21 July 2008

Dragonball - Japanese Poster

This is the Japanese poster for the movie Dragonball. It stars Justin Chatwin who was the son in War of the Worlds. Directed by James Wong who did a load of TV stuff such as The X-Files, Space Above and Beyond as well as Final Destination 3, Black Christmas and The One. I know next to nothing about the anime, Dragonball Z. However, Andy D knows a bit about it so over to him:

In my experience the cartoon had mastered the art of stringing out a single cliff hanger incident over a dozen or so episodes to the point of tedium!! The fighting was cool, when they got round to it, and we were always waiting for Goku to go "Super-saiyan" and kicks somethings' ass.
The protagonists go through an unending cycle of fighting, winning, losing, learning important
lessons, then returning to the fight. As the series progresses, the heros continue this cycle by using miraculous devices to achieve life after death, continuing their on-going battles, with the dead heroes continuing to learn lessons in order to defeat their challengers. There're 519 episodes across all the volumes... so brace yourself.

Straight out of
Wiki, LOL. I like the last sentance... that summed it it...
A monkey-tailed boy named Son Goku is found by an old martial arts expert and raised as his grandson. One day, during a full moon, Goku transforms into a giant ape and accidentally kills his adopted grandfather, but later has no recollection of it. Several years later, Bulma, on a quest to retrieve the seven Dragon Balls and have her wish granted by the dragon that will appear, meets Goku, now living alone with the four-star Dragon Ball that he treats as his dead grandfather. Goku decides to accompany Bulma on her quest, and along the way, meets and befriends many martial artists, undergoes rigorous martial arts training regimes and educational programs, and faces various challengers and villains, often at the Tenka-ichi Budokai.
As the series continues, Goku goes from childhood into adulthood, and his first child, Son Gohan goes through similar experiences. As Goku evolves, so do many his rivals, including Piccolo and Vegeta, with some changing from evil to good. Goku himself dies and comes back to life several times, and becomes the top martial arts superhero in the universe.

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