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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sex Drive - Poster and Trailer

Another one from Jinja.
Check this out, a new coming-of-age-teen-sex-com!? Sex Drive, due out US 10/Oct/08, is about a horny teenager bringing his friends along on a road trip from Chicago to Knoxville to lose his virginity with a girl he met online.

James Marsden as the Chet (Weird Science) style older brother is fantastic, just watch him beat up the garage door (around 1:30), especially the kick at the end!

Also stars a Live For Films favourite, Seth Green, as an amish car mechanic!

Taser a donut? When that doesn't work try pepperspray!

Jinja out.
"I'm Chainsaw, and I'm Dave, and we'll see you..at the Movies"

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