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Monday, 28 July 2008

Lucas Speak about Indy

George Lucas has been interviewed in the Times Online. There he talks about Indy and the difficulty in getting the fourth one made. It is an interesting read. One paragraph stood out and explains a lot (I wonder what we would have got if Spielberg could have been allowed to stick with the past?):
Really, with the last one, Steven wasn’t that enthusiastic. I was trying to persuade him. But now Steve is more amenable to doing another one. Yet we still have the issues about the direction we’d like to take. I’m in the future; Steven’s in the past. He’s trying to drag it back to the way they were, I’m trying to push it to a whole different place. So, still we have a sort of tension. This recent one came out of that.

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Anonymous said...

In other words "Steven's into making good movies, I'm into annoying the audience and trying to destroy their fond memories of something they enjoyed when they were younger"

Indy 4 wasn't bad but that was thanks to Ford and Speilbergy. You could feel Lucas in the looming background like Nosferatu.

Anonymous said...

here here!

Lucas = childhood ruining freak!