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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Halloween 2 - Here's Michael's new Mask

Finally we get to see what Michael Myers mask will be like in Rob Zombie's forthcoming sequel, H2. Pretty much like the old one which is good news. According to Rob they've finished filming so we should be getting more pics and footage soon.
Well, after 35 days of snow, freezing rain, fire ants, mud and blood we are done! The cast and crew kick ass beyond ass to bring you the most demented Halloween ever! In less than five months Michael will be back in your face! And speaking of face... here is your first glimpse of one of the many faces Michael 2009.
One of the many faces - looks as if we may be getting lots of different masks in this one.

Source: Horror-Movies

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Craig Sharp said...

I'd make the most of the mask while you can, according to recent sources Michael will be completely maskless for about 70% of the movie!