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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wynter Dark - Fear the Nomen

It has been a while since I have seen anything more about Wynter Dark. Last I heard there would be big angry polcar bears (as shown in the cool concept art)

Just to give you the heads up if you are just joining us - Wynter Dark is set 800 years in the future, in a world gripped by a devastating ice age, the Kingdom of New York is besieged by the Kindom of London and the Empire of Neo Tokyo in a bitter battle for freedom.

Now the films producer, Pete Ford, tells us about the nasty Nomen.
WYNTER DARK is not a fantasy film - it's a post apocolyptic adventure film that looks like a fanatsy film - without the fluff and bluster that useally accompanies that genre.

That fact that WD isn't a fantasy film doesn't mean that it's short of fantastic characters, take these early designs for the NOMEN.

NOMEN are deformed giants whose genetics got scrambled due to being too close to a nuclear reactor that melted down. Several hundred years later the mutations have been passed down and further twisted by in-breeding.

In the film there is a action sequence where our heroes have to pass through NOMAN territory to get to New York - here's a glimpse of that scene from the script ...

But in the back story of WD the NOMEN and GODSELL (our main hero and all round good guy) go waaaayyyyy back. Right back to when GODSELL defended the city against an all out attack from the NOMEN tribes hell bent on storming the gates and feasting on any New Yorker that got within arms reach.

Because the NOMEN are a mutation no two are alike - Matt Hatton has been working up design roughs for these bastards for a while now so I thought it might be good to give you all a glimpse of how they might shape up. There are dozens of these designs, every one different.

Also; nice to see some real horror in the designs, this is not a film that meant to be clean and sterile. All of these are interesting to look at and reveal a surprise element as the scene unfolds.
Check out the cool concept video below that helps describe the Wynter Dark world.

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The Russian said...

Loving the preliminary designs and overall concept behind this film - looks promising. Interestingly (depending on your point of view) the switching of magnetic north to south is a naturally-occuring phenomenon and we're due a reversal of polarity any time soon (as well as a mini ice age, super volcanic eruptions and other impressive-sounding global events). Sad news as i have a very negative view of 'southerners' and will not relish the prospect of becoming one, even by default!

Live for films said...

Wynter Dark does look nice doesn't it. The whole switching of the poles reminds me of the Jon Shannow books by David Gemmell

The Russian said...

Loved the Jon Shannow/Sipstrassi series - Druss the Legend will always stand out as his best character tho.