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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Photos of Johnny Depp heading off to film The Rum Diary

Pam sent me these cool photos of Johnny Depp in Puerto Rico as he prepares to film The Rum Diary.

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pamela fruendt said...

my god, matching hat and jacket... and he pulls it off! my husband, who was the second coolest man to ever walk the earth, would've laughed like hell or incinerated me with his laser eyes dare i suggest such a look. sorry darling...i must say it once and for all...although i loved you dearly,you just weren't as cool as johnny depp. great photo's, by the way. i'd keep that pam girl around.

Live for films said...

I think I will Pamela, I think I will :)

streetpete said...

At last, The Rum Diary comes to our screens. We should be grateful that someone as smooth and unhinged, in a hinged sort of way, exists in our time to take on the roles created by the majestic Hunter S Thompson. This book was HST's first novel, albeit autobiographical, and was only published in the 90s. Overlooked, under-rated, but unequivocally cool and dangerous. Love Johnny, love HST even more and love you beyond the stars for bringing this to my attention. The bug is back; I'm feeling dangerous; bloody marys and red snapper tonight. "When the weird gets goin', the weird turn pro."