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Thursday, 19 March 2009

8 Kilomètres, Dial Hard and Vingt-Quatre Heures are the originals. Someone call Eminem, Bruce Willis and Keifer Sutherland

Did you enjoy watching 8 Mile, Die Hard and 24? Did you love the originality of them all.

What if I was to say they were all based on forgotten classic films from the 1960's and below is the proof.

You would no doubt say, "No Live for Films, they are not, you are being silly. They are in fact clever little adverts based on the 2 films and TV show you mentioned done in the style of 1960's films. Don't try and fool us again with your clever ruse."

I would then say, "Oh! Look at the monkey." I would then run off and jump into a waiting taxi.

You would be right though. However, they are nicely done spoofs, riffs, homages on the 3 classics. They are from http://www.smoothoriginals.com and are ads for Stella Artois 4%. In fact they are not the full advert, they are simply teasers for the 4 minute ads which are due out next week. Cheers to Jonathan for sending them my way. Let me know what you think of them.

2 poets face off in a battle of rhyme in '8 Kilomètres'

Inspector MeQlain plays a deadly game of Simon Says in 'Dial Hard'

The clock is ticking for Jacques in 'Vingt-Quatre Heures'

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