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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Use the Force...for real...or not...depends on your Midi-chlorians count (Damn you Lucas for confusing us)

USA Today have the news on this new toy which will probably be really crap and is basically a load of ping pong balls and a fan!
The Force Trainer (expected to be priced at $90 to $100) comes with a
headset that uses brain waves to allow players to manipulate a sphere within a
clear 10-inch-tall training tower, analogous to Yoda and Luke Skywalker's
abilities in the Star Wars films.

In the Force Trainer, a wireless headset reads your brain activity, in
a simplified version of EEG medical tests, and the circuitry translates it to
physical action. If you focus well enough, the training sphere, which looks like
a ping-pong ball, will rise in the tower.

A state of deep concentration is needed to achieve a Force-full
effect. "When you concentrate, it activates the training remote," says Frank
Adler of toymaker Uncle Milton Industries, which is creating the Trainer. "There
is a flow of air that will move the (ball). You can actually feel like you are
in a zone."

Star Wars sound effects and audio clips emitted from the base unit
"cue you in to progress to the next level (from Padawan to Jedi) or when to move
the sphere up or down to keep challenging yourself," Adler says.

"Until today, EEG technology has been designed for rigorous medical
and clinical applications with little regard to price (and) ease of use," says
Greg Hyver of NeuroSky, which developed the brain-wave technology for both
games. "We are putting this exciting technology into everyone's living

I think I can feel something!

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