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Thursday, 8 January 2009

District 9 - More news on Peter Jackson's alien thing

Been a while since I posted anything on District 9 (Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp's science-fiction film - previous news on it is here), but Jinja has delivered the goods once again. He has found a couple of viral web sites which seem linked to the film. Firstly there is this video from MNU Spreads Lies that features the image frim the poster for the film (MNU is Multi-National United).

From what we can gather it is all about about a fictional/parallel world where aliens have become refugees in South Africa as per Neill Blomkamp's short film (shown below).

Then there is Maths From Outer Space that states:
Maths From Outer Space wants to redefine what it means to be human! Our scientists have found a way to enhance the spatial and logic capabilities of the human body. By synthesizing earth-based proteins with DNA from our other-worldly friends, the MFOS program will enhance your natural physical and mental capabilities. In other words, we've found a way to make you smarter! Would you like to see if you are qualified to take part in this exciting endeavor?

This also appears to be linked to MNU. Also check out the official District 9 site if you haven't already.

All very intriguing stuff and still not much on the actual film itself. If you have stumbled across anything that you think could be related then let me know. Thanks once again to Jinja.

Oh and I just stumbled across this little video that goes into some more detail about the District 9 viral campaign.

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Pat said...

really looking forward to this flick. it could be huge. the concept is great.

Anonymous said...

yup, same here - thanks for all the info, Phil :)