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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Is Nimród going to direct Predators? - No not the Mutant hunting robot from the X-Men comics.

There have been lots of rumours floating around regarding Robert Rodriguez's Predators reboot / sequel. First Arnie was going to cameo in it, then he wasn't. Derek Mears (Jason in the Friday the 13th reboot) was also rumoured to be in it, but he hadn't heard anything.

The most recent news was that Rodriguez, who is producing the film, had seven directors in mind. Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, Descent, Doomsday and Centurion) was one of the seven. Michael Bassett (Solomon Kane) was possibly one of the others.

LatinoReview has exclusively learned that director Nimród Antal is one of the other directors and is also the one most likely to get the job.

If you are not too sure as to who Antal is, well he's the director behind Vacancy and Armored.

I've not seen Vacancy so I don't know how good a choice he will be. Although Armored looks like it could be good in an old school heist gone wrong way.

LatinoReview are usually spot on with their news, as they say "keep in mind when I said the same thing about Jackie Earle Haley being Freddy, the producer denied my story until it ultimately ended up true."

Still early days and I'm sure we will hear confirmation or denial from Rodriguez over the next day or two.
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