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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ridley Scott is toying with an Alien prequel

IESB recently spoke to Fox Co-Chairman, Tom Rothman about a whole host of things.

Regarding a possible Alien prequel, "There's been some talk. Ridley Scott, Ridley is right now working on Robin Hood, but I think he's toying with the idea and that would be great for us. I mean, it's always been a matter of, really, if you can get the originator to do it that would be the greatest thing, so I've got my fingers crossed, all of them."

Interesting indeed. How cool would that be to have Scott back on the Alien universe. Would we finally get to find out some more about the Space Jockey and how his ship crashed.

He also talked about Robert Rodriguez' Predators (and the fact that he has been given total control of the franchise), Daredevil, Avatar at Comic Con, Fan Four and the new Wolverine film.

Check out the full interview over on IESB.

Do you want another Ridley Scott Alien film? What would you like to see in a prequel? Should there be a definitive origin to the Alien?

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