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Monday, 27 April 2009

The Diamonds of Metro Valley -

This trailer features Ron the Robot and a taste of our 13 minute long car chase made with model cars. It has also taken about 4 years to make and you'll see why when you watch the trailers
The Diamonds of Metro Valley is a DIY feature film, made almost entirely on green screen, with full scale people and small-scale, hand-made models, sets costumes, props etc. We completed special effects in After Effects shot-by-shot. The plot of DMV is inspired by diamond heist films of the 1970's, but with an added tinge of the retro-futuristic. Some exciting sequences include a twelve inch robot growing to the height of a three story building, numerous gun-battles and explosions, and a thirteen minute car chase created with model cars on a green screen conveyor belt, composited with live action. It's taken us almost 4 years from start to finish, as each scene in DMV has multiple design and digital effects elements, but we think this effectively contributes to the unique look of the project. We expect to be done in a couple months.

Notorious Metro Valley crime lord Jonas Caine has a deadly scheme in mind. To pull off this heist he needs a powerful weapon, one that only a mad, drug-addled scientist could create...Jonas Caine is a gangster without remorse. Dr. Thadeous Price is a down and out, drug addicted inventor. Throw in Tokyo's powerful under-world eccentric Takeshi Sagawas, several million dollars worth of stolen diamonds, a remote-operated, nocturnally aggressive lizard devise, and the action begins!

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