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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

UPDATED: Leonardo DiCaprio NOT to be a Button Man

UPDATE: Doh! Looks like I fell victim to an unsubstantiated rumour regarding this. MTV have this to say about it:

The upcoming film “Button Man” is not related in any way to “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” — and, contrary to earlier reports, it’s not related to Leonardo DiCaprio, either.

Entertainment Weekly is crying foul on Internet rumors that the “Body of Lies” actor would star in the “2000 A.D.” comic property. The news site is reporting that Leo is not attached to “Button Man” according to studio representatives. The rumor originated from a listing in Production Weekly, a print magazine that provides information on Hollywood projects.

While DiCaprio’s involvement is now officially scrapped, there is movement on “Button Man.” A DreamWorks representative tells Entertainment Weekly that “Eagle Eye” screenwriter Hillary Seitz will pen the screenplay for the comic book adaptation.

So there you have it. If DiCaprio is not to be a Button Man, who could you see in the role?

The original post is below:

According to Production Weekly, Button Man focuses on Harry Exton, an ex-mercenary that participates in a violent underground sport known as “the game.” Exton is one of several killers — appropriately called ‘button men’ — that define victory by slaying their opponent or claiming the first two joints of their victim’s finger. When Harry decides to retire from the sport, he learns the hard way that his own survival is anything but a game.

DiCaprio is expected to star as Exton in the “2000 A.D.” comic book adaptation, from the same publishers of the in-development “Judge Dredd” relaunch. The actor-producer has snatched up the rights to several graphic novel properties as of late, such as the manga franchises “Ninja Scroll” and “Akira” — though he says that he won’t star in either film.

The erstwhile “Titanic” star has also found himself at the center of some higher profile comic book rumors in the last year. Alongside “Inglourious Basterds” actor Brad Pitt, DiCaprio has been mentioned as a contender for Steve Rogers in “The First Avenger: Captain America.”

Other than DiCaprio’s newly announced “Button Man” and his attachment to “The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film “Inception,” not much is known about the Academy Award nominated actor’s involvement in comic book movie properties.

Source: MTV

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