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Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Graves - In Skull City death is the least of your problems

'THE GRAVES' is the feature film directorial debut of Brian Pulido (creator of comics "Lady Death" & "Evil Ernie"), starring acclaimed horror genre stars Clare Grant (Masters of Horror "Valerie Under the Stairs"), Jillian Murray (The Fun Park), Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects), Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare on Elm St., Dexter), D. Randall Blythe (singer, Lamb of God), Patti Tindall (Death of a Ghost Hunter) and Tony Todd (Final Destination I & II, the 'Candyman' series, NBC's "Chuck") as the Reverend Stockton.

'THE GRAVES' is produced by Mischief Maker Studios & Ronalds Brothers Productions.
Present day. Arizona. Megan and Abby Graves are inseparable sisters that couldn’t be less alike. Megan is a self-assured, naturally attractive, ass kicker. Abby is a cute, caustic, Hot Topic Goth who’s afraid of her own shadow.

They do share a few things in common: a life-long obsession with comics, pop culture and rock ‘n’ roll. Simply put, they are beautiful geeks.

In a few days, Megan will start a new job in New York. To send her off in style, the Graves sisters go on a wild, pop culture bender that includes a trip to uncharted Arizona in search of a kitchy roadside attraction.

Instead, they’re lured to Skull City Mine, a weather-beaten, abandoned mine town that harbors terrifying secrets. It appears to be haunted -- Its twisted caretakers are murderous -- Victim’s souls are ripped right out of their bodies – and that is only the beginning…

When Megan suffers a mortal wound, Abby must save her sister, but to do so, she must confront her fears and unlock the mystery of Skull City alone.

Can Abby survive Skull City’s threats? Can she rescue Megan or are they doomed to a fate much worse than death?
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